Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jeff Becraft Quoted In Today's Issue of The Rainmaker Report

Mary Flaherty quoted me in her article, "Getting Business Value from the New Worlds of Social Networking: First-Hand Tales of Entering the Twittersphere, Blogosphere & More" today in The Rainmaker Report, The Premier Site for Marketing & Sales for Professional Services.

The article focuses on how to generate real business value out of the leading social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter, including lead generation in particular.

Mary seems to have found consensus among myself and the others that she interviewed that the value derived from such services is relatively proportional to how much effort is invested in using the tools.

She makes a strong case for professional services organizations to leverage the social media in order to extend their brands into new markets and to reach customers they may not be able to reach with face-to-face contact initially.

While not promoting social media as a replacement for face-to-face networking, Mary does conclude that it is a smart move for professional service organizations to leverage these tools as a complement to their face-to-face efforts.

I hope you enjoy Mary's article.

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