Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You orphaned your data connection, stupid!

Once again, today, I found myself beating my head against the wall trying to figure out why my InfoPath 2007 form, which worked perfectly in Forms Services just yesterday is suddenly blowing up and leaving little intelligible information in the SharePoint logs to hint at the nature of the problem.

When I try to edit my form, I get the delightfully informative message, "The form has been closed." No warning, no hints. :-(

So, I think through what I actually changed, and realize that I have orphaned a data connection that was used to seed a form drop-down. Doh! That is the culprit! The Forms Services gods do not like it when you orphan a data connection associated with your form. Remove the data connection, and suddenly things start behaving nicely again.

Feature request for WSS 4.0/MOSS 2010: Please include a log entry called "You orphaned your data connection, stupid!" so I can more quickly realize the cause of such problems in the future.

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