Thursday, April 23, 2009

The New World. Delivered.

I recently celebrated my 9 year anniversary with my company, which was called USinternetworking, Inc. at the time I signed on. 

Then as now the company was the leading application service provider for the Enterprise.

The acquisition of USi in 2006 by AT&T was a major milestone in the growth of the company and its market niche, and the change has fueled significant growth that continues even in today’s climate, as you may have seen in AT&T’s Q1 earnings report released yesterday.   Many of AT&T’s Customers in the Enterprise space have taken advantage of the many service offerings the USi acquisition brought to the table, which you can read more about on the AT&T Hosting & Application Services web page.

      ATTLogoBeingPlacedOnHQ_2009_0423 (zoom)On January 1, 2009, the company officially became AT&T’s Hosting & Application Services division.  The USi name was officially retired in virtually all communications.

Today, another milestone! 

The USi sign has come down from the face of the building in Annapolis, Maryland, and been replaced by the ubiquitous AT&T logo, as you can see in this photo, taken by my colleague, SharePoint evil genius, Bryan Napier.


  1. Haha! Picture looks much better on your blog than it does on my phone!

  2. I obviously cropped it, but Windows Live Writer or one of its add-ons has a cool feature called, I think, "Color Pop" that makes the colors brighten up and saturate a little.

    Nevermind your phone, the building (and the sky for that matter) never looked that good in real life!


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