Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Web Part Page Bombing? Enter Web Part Maintenance Mode To Fix It

Quick tip to SharePoint customers and end users who are working with a web part page that is bombing out before they can do anything to it.


Append the above to the end of the URL of the web part page (you can use the right click on the hyperlink, Copy Shortcut method to get the URL into your clipboard without going to the page and repeating the bomb out), and load the page again.

You will enter web part maintenance mode, giving you a chance to remove the offending web part without having to kill the whole page and create it all over again from scratch.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t give you a magic bullet for resolving the underlying problem, but it does at least allow you to preserve the page as it was prior to adding the offending web part.


  1. Neat - I'm offline and it's the weekend so... is this for SharePoint 2010, or does it work in MOSS 2007 as well?

  2. Hi, Robin! Thanks for the comment. This definitely works in MOSS 2007. I'm not sure if there are any changes in 2010. I'll have to try it on the beta. -- Jeff

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